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Product and Process Engineering

Development and co-development with customer. We focus on reducing cost, add value, and improve quality, always keeping ergonomics, environment integration, security, style and added functionalities as customers requirements of our designs.


Manufacture of prototypes

Full equipped in-house prototype area, integrated and working closely with our engineering.

Validation and testing

To assure that all our products fulfi ll with customers’ specs, we have art ad hoc designed testing machines, as well a long term partnership with technical centers which complete our in-house own capacities.


Dies Engineering

Our large experience besides the use of advanced engineering tools and manufacturing technologies, guarantees the best results and explains why BATZ works for the leading automobile manufacture


Materials Engineering

We follow up the researches in the automotive industry looking for solutions offering safety without compromising the vehicles performance, clearly shown in high strength steels and alluminium alloys application tendencies.

Our staff is ready to supply toolings for very thin parts in any kind of material, designed using high hardness and toughness advanced alloys.


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