BATZ has strengthened its position in the development and manufacturing activity of innovative solutions in renewable energies. BATZ Energy is focused on the design and development of structural systems oriented to mass production and turnkey solutions for solar field assemblies in CSP&PV technologies.

Solar Reflect Systems

Structural parts oriented to mass production for CSP technologies

Ever since it started working in the field of solar technology, BATZ Energy has worked at peak capacity to manufacture products that range from simple parts through to subsets. However, BATZ’s engineering and development capabilities also allow the company to manufacture structural parts and systems in accordance with its clients’ requirements.

Solar field Assembly

Turnkey solutions for solar field assemblies in CSP & PV technologies.

The experience that we have in several projects for CSP plants, automotive, railway and aeronautics have been reflected in the following process:

  • Engineering high standards.
  • Manufacturing process.
  • High quality process
  • Integration from the system design until the final installation on field.
  • Turn key projects in any concentrating solar & PV technology.

Quality Assurance

We understand the quality as a basic tool in the management of our company to reach our customers and stakeholders satisfaction. Therefore, we are committed to ensure a true and effective application of it, as well as to promote its understanding and dissemination including the stakeholders.

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