Borja Urizar

Borja Urizar

Product Development Engineer

“One of my biggest sources of pride is to see that the design in which I participated has becoming real, and BATZ has offered me that possibility”

As a member of Formula Student Bizkaia, I was a pilot for several years of the car whose design involved my participation and with which we competed against other universities in F1 circuits. Today, with the aid of BATZ, I remain in the front line, designing solutions in one of the world’s most dynamic and demanding markets.

I am passionate about the automotive industry and that is why I like to work in a company such as BATZ, which is directly related to main automobile brands. Proof of this has been my stays at the client’s site as a resident engineer. These experiences have allowed me to grow both personally and professionally at the site of the OEM.

One of the main incentives is to see the car model with the product whose design has involved my participation circulating on the street.