Ines Aseguinolaza

Ines Aseguinolaza

Innovation and R&D Project Manager

“We are able to provide solutions that will be part of the future of the automotive industry. How could I miss the opportunity to work at BATZ?”

My responsibility is to innovate through projects in the present with an eye on the horizon. I strive to provide the knowledge and skills that require preparation to face the challenges of the future. 

In addition to being responsible for the implementation of improvements in the manufacturing processes of dies, I remain in contact with our network of technological partners and involved in European innovation programmes. This allows me to provide the multidisciplinary vision that BATZ needs and be trained for a future that involves a lot of Industry 4.0.

This is thanks to the trust that Batz has placed in me since day one, as well as the team of people who have transmitted their knowledge and taught me what BATZ is, what their values ​are, ​and how we wish to work.