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Manufacturing Knowledge

Manufacturing and Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance in our company and extended along the hole supply chain is the key factor to achieve our Customers success. Our PRODUCT and PROCESS engineering is perfectly coordinated with our in-house manufacturing capacities, which are always updated on state of the art of each technology.

  • Cold stamping in a wide materials range.
  • Reinforced plastic injection moulding.
  • Welding and other advanced joints systems.
  • Assembly lines with processes automation.
Cold stamping in a wide materials range.
Welding and other advanced joints systems.
Reinforced plstic injection moulding.
Assembly lines with processes automation.

Global Logistic Solution

Our worldwide footprint and large experience allows us to offer a global logistic solution, based on well trained people and completed with a competitive supply chain all over the World. Integrated product management programs make the solution reliable assuring of supplying at time with stock reduction philosophy.


We have been offering a large die manufacturing experience over 50 years.

We can build requested dies according to our customers’ high requirements, thanks to our qualifi ed personnel experience and facilities continuous improvement.


Well trained people equipped with state of the art technology is the best guarantee to satisfy our customers. We exhibit our in house try out capacity, with more than 25 try out presses installed, as well the commissioning in a partnership with our customers around the world.


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