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Social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility in BATZ Group is integral and is structurally integrated due to its Cooperative nature. We are convinced of we can contribute to the generation of wealth and development of our environment, while taking care of the environment through a sustainable management.

View CSR Policy.
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We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our activity. Therefore, we have environmental management systems that ensure legislation compliance and processes continuous improvement.

We are committed to adapt and use the best available techniques for our facilities, as well as to consider the environment in the design of our products.

Environmental report.
Environmental policy.
ISO 14001:2015.
IQNet 14001:2015.

Regarding to education scope, our company performance is based on the continuous cooperation with several institutions, not only reinforcing the commercial relations as well the agreements with training centers and cultural initiatives.

We establish longterm relationships with:


MONDRAGON Unibertsitatea – www.mondragon.edu
Basque Country University – www.ingeniaritza-bilbao.ehu.es

Vocational Training Centers

Zulaibar – www.zulaibar.org

Government enterprises

Basque Innovation Agency – www.innobasque.com
Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology – www.cdti.es

Cultural initiatives

Certificate of Commitment to the Basque Language – www.baieuskarari.org


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