Mikel Astondoa

Mikel Astondoa

Adjustment and Commissioning Coordinator.

“Autonomy, development, professionalism, teamwork … Being able to give continuity to a project such as BATZ is something that fills me with hope”

To have the opportunity to demonstrate to myself how far I am able to go, not only in aspects in which I am technically qualified, but in others such as the coordination of teams and relationships with clients. It is a challenge that fills me with energy, and I am being able to carry it out at BATZ.

Batz has something that other die-making companies do not have: freedom of movement, options to develop oneself in other areas, the ability to express one’s opinions, and a good team.

In summary, it provides autonomy, development, professionalism, teamwork, conciliation, and so on. It is about being at ease in what you do and with whom you do it, and this is certainly keeps you engaged.