As a key driver of innovation, BATZ is committed to developing and implementing environmentally-friendly materials. As a key driver of innovation, BATZ applies Ecodesign criteria for a circular economy, enhancing the sustainability of its products and processes.


  • SHORT TERM – The European Commission’s proposal for a “Regulation on circularity requirements for vehicle design” sets a target of 25% recycled plastics content by 2030. Some OEMs are already moving in that direction and this target is affecting our new projects. To ensure immediate implementation, we are introducing POST-INDUSTRIAL PP MATERIALS, which are among the most stable and versatile materials for a wide range of applications.


  • SHORT & MID TERM CHALLENGES – The demand for post-industrial recycled materials is expected to increase dramatically in Europe from 2025 onwards. Future supply constraints are likely and that is why we are proactively developing POST-CONSUMER PP MATERIALS, in parallel with the post-industrial materials mentioned above.


  • LONG TERM MATERIAL DEVELOPMENTS – The company is also considering alternative recycled polymers such as R-PET, BIO-PLASTICS and CHEMICAL RECYCLING  as the future pathway to offer the most sustainable solutions.