Automotive Systems

BATZ is a worldwide product and services supplier for the main OEM. At BATZ, we integrate advanced engineering capacities and manufacture knowledge to continue meeting the needs of an evolving market.

Automotive Systems

Leading the advanced manufacturing since 1982

BATZ is a qualified and acknowledged in the design and manufacturing of mechanical and mechatronic control systems, characterised by providing safe, lightweight, ergonomic and efficient attributes. Lightweight structural composite parts and aerodynamic panelling controls, as well as pedal modules, shifters or levers amongst other customised solutions, turn BATZ into a first class supplier to leading automotive OEMs.


A wide ran ge of patented mechanisms make our products to be a reference in the global automotive market- Avoiding any damage to final users.


Reinforced composite structural components- Achieving weight reduction and performance improvement.


Innovative mechanisms
and lightweight
aerodynamic components- Supporting our customers in the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions.


Style and ergonomics advanced solutions- Improving quality perception.


Mechatronics Lightweight structural Active aerodynamic and panelling
Pedal box module
Frontend carrier
Active grille shutter
Electronic throttle&clutch pedals
Cockpit carrier
Active rear diffuser
Parking brake
Secondary bulkhead
Under engine shields
Gear shift lever
Spare wheel well
Underboody panels
Jacks and spare wheel kit
Full plastic tailgate
Complete off road solutions
Spare wheel hoist
Deflectors and panelling components

Quality Assurance

We understand the quality as a basic tool in the management of our company to reach our customers and stakeholders satisfaction. Therefore, we are committed to ensure a true and effective application of it, as well as to promote its understanding and dissemination including the stakeholders.

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