The “Batz. Automotive Active Aerodynamic Innovation Summit” conference gathers nearly a hundred professionals from the automotive sector.

Igorre, 5 November 2018. On 25 October, the AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center held the third edition of the conference on Innovation in the Automotive Sector organised by Batz each year.  The aim of these events is to identify the challenges and opportunities that arise in this sector and to encourage reflection and the exchange of ideas by key players in the automotive sector.

On this occasion, the symposium addressed the important role played by aerodynamics in vehicles, a factor that contributes to reducing fuel consumption and increasing their autonomy, in both hybrid and electric engines.

The event was attended by manufacturers of the stature of Jaguar, Land Rover, Toyota and Hyundai, who shared their company’s strategy regarding active aerodynamics through real cases, as well as the participation of Formula Student Bizkaia, explaining how they are tackling the challenge of improving the performance of a racing car through this concept. For its part, BATZ presented the latest progress made to increase the efficiency of vehicles through the development of active aerodynamic systems that allow the reduction of air resistance and therefore lower consumption. As in previous editions, MONDRAGON and ACICAE were in charge of contextualising the automotive sector in the Basque Country, encouraging the industry to pursue synergies that favour the growth of a Basque automotive ecosystem.