The situation we are experiencing with the COVID 19 pandemic is the most serious and complex challenge faced so far. At BATZ we have spent weeks getting alone with and facing the gravity of the situation at our plants in China. Fortunately, in this country they are gradually returning to normal, thanks to the professionalism of our people, but above all, to the commitment to both individual and collective security that each member of the staff has demonstrated.

For the time being, because of the spread of the pandemic to several countries, in BATZ Group we have assumed containment measures to ensure the security, health and well-being of our employees all over the world, while maintaining our services to customers. To that effect, BATZ Group calls its people to apply the precautionary criteria that the authorities of each country are establishing.

Beside, BATZ Group has established a crisis coordination cabinet from which appropriate measures are being taken as the situation progresses. This cabinet is in permanent coordination and communication to adapt the measures to the evolution of events or measures adopted by governments and/or customers.

On general basis (beyond hygiene and prevention measures) BATZ Group has undertaken the following operational steps:

  • Teleworking in all BATZ Group sites, in all the areas with the necessary technology
  • Flexible schedule, ensuring the minimum service to customers and the non-massive attendance of personnel in confined spaces
  • Lifting of all the business trips
  • Limitation of visits and exhaustive control of transport and suppliers
  • Calling off face-to-face meetings and trainings
  • Protocol of medical action in the event of infected people

The safety of our people, families, collaborators and environment are priorities for BATZ, while lessen the effects that this situation may entail for the business and service continuity. This is a time to act responsibly from serenity and prudence, but with rigour and determination.