On 22 October we held our innovation day, BATZ Innovation Summit. Our commitment to value generation and knowledge promotion through dissemination, which this year celebrates its fifth consecutive edition. Under the topic “Innovation in changing times”, the conference addressed the urban mobility of the future from an intermodal approach, with agents who have much to contribute from their experience in this field.

The session began with Mikel Lorente, Director of the AIC-ACICAE Technical Unit, who drew up the main figures of the automotive sector in the Basque Country, its current situation and the sector’s commitment to the 2030 horizon, with special emphasis on sustainability. Next, Lola Elejalde, Director of Foresight and Internationalisation at Innobasque, was in charge of the generation of plausible future scenarios, and the importance of the exercise of proposing points of arrival, but also the starting hypotheses, in order to manage all this current uncertainty.   To conclude this first block, Agustín Zubillaga, Coordinator of Orkestra’s Digital Economy Lab, who also acted as moderator throughout the session, presented the main conclusions of the study carried out by this organisation on the digital innovation in times of COVID, a driver that takes on special relevance in period of change.

This was followed by a round table discussion with Xabier Pérez, Head of the Technological Strategy Area at CAF, Ander Olariaga, Marketing Director in Orbea, and Jokin Laspiur, Chief Business Development Officer at BATZ Group, who shared the vision that each of their organisations has of future mobility. In short, three different ways and speeds of tackling this transformation and of responding to this new environment of multi-mobility, but which share the challenges posed by this new connected, autonomous, shared and electric mobility, with a commitment to intercooperation in the ecosystem.

And if you couldn´t join us in the session, you can watch it by clicking here