BATZ received the Gold Supplier Excellence Award, the highest prize that Jaguar Land Rover gives to its top suppliers, during the company’s annual Supplier Excellence Awards event, hold in UK on May 14th.

These awards celebrate the extraordinary contribution to Jaguar Land Rover’s business, cost transformation and operational delivery over the course of the last year of 15 of its more than 3,500 suppliers in several categories.The largest automotive manufacturer in Britain has recognisedBATZArtea plant for its commitment and development capacity of active aerodynamic solutions.

BATZ Artea started its activity during the first quarter of 2018 with the production of AGSs, active systems thatimproved drag coefficient and accelerate the engine warm up with the resultant CO2 lower emission. This site, that completes the capacity of Igorre plant, is focused on the manufacture and delivery of active aerodynamic products to improve vehicle efficiency performance. It integrates innovative injection technologies as well as assembly and control of the aerodynamic equipment referred to above.

This Gold award is a great achievement for all the people who make up BATZ as it is recognition for the hard work and cooperation of our team to support our client.